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How to apply for a Kāinga Whenua loan for individuals

Published: 15 May 2016

If you have any question about the Kāinga Whenua Loan Scheme call us between 8am and 5pm on0508 WELCOME (0508 935 266).


If you can meet all of the eligibility criteria, there are 11 steps you will need to complete.

Please note this may end up being a long process due to the complexities involved in securing a licence to occupy multiple-owned Māori land.

For full details of the Kāinga Whenua loan criteria and process, see the Kāinga Whenua Loan guide. To get a copy or to discuss any questions you may have, call Housing New Zealand on 0508 935 266.

Download a copy of the Kāinga Whenua Loan Guide. Note: that we are currently updating the guide to reflect recent changes. However this version still contains useful information.

Step 1. Decide to live on your multiple-owned Māori land
Consider the benefits, risks, and costs of home ownership in a multiple-owned Māori land situation.

Step 2. Apply for a Kāinga Whenua pre-approval
Kiwibank can assess your eligibility for a Kāinga Whenua loan and advise how much money you could borrow.

Step 3. Seek support from other owners of the land block
To qualify for a Kāinga Whenua loan will need the support of the other owners or trustees before you invest time and money. Once the loan is approved, the other landowners/trustees will need to sign the tripartite agreement (see Step 7).  

Step 4. Design your home
You need to design your home bearing in mind the requirements of a Kāinga Whenua loan (see ‘What can I build/relocate with a Kāinga Whenua loan?’ above).

Step 5. Find a builder and produce a budget and plan
Your budget will need to meet Kiwibank’s lending criteria. You must also obtain all the council consents you need to comply with local bylaws.

Step 6. Get loan approval from Kiwibank
If your application fits with the Kāinga Whenua eligibility criteria, and Kiwibank’s lending criteria, Kiwibank will approve the loan.

Step 7. Sign the tripartite agreement
The tripartite agreement is made up of the licence to occupy (including a site licence) and a deed of mortgage. It needs to be signed by you, the landowners and Housing New Zealand.

Step 8. Register with the Māori Land Court
The Māori Land Court need to register your licence to occupy.

Step 9. Building starts
Building of new house, renovation or relocation of existing house starts according to the design, plan, and budget you submitted as part of your application.

Step 10. Progressive draw-downs                                    
Timings and the finer details for progressive draw-downs will be unique to every Kāinga Whenua loan.

Step 11: Building complete
Once the building is complete you are now able to move in. Congratulations, you now have your own whare on your multiple-owned Māori land.


We’re here to help

Building on multiple-owned Māori land can be a long and complicated process. Because of this, Housing New Zealand is here to support you through the process.

To find out if you are eligible for a Kāinga Whenua loan, call Kiwibank on 0800 272 278.

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