Impac PREQUAL now a requirement for HNZ tenders

Housing New Zealand (HNZ) would like to thank all our physical works contractors who have taken the time and effort to complete their Impac PREQUAL health and safety assessments.

Those who haven’t yet registered are encouraged to as Impac PREQUAL, which is our external health and safety prequalification, is now a standard requirement for those who wish to respond to our open tenders listed on GETS.

Respondents should now:

  • be registered with Impac PREQUAL
  • have completed the Impac PREQUAL health and safety assessment, and
  • include a copy of their Impac PREQUAL assessment report with any tender submission.

Anyone not yet registered with Impac PREQUAL should begin that process. For assistance, please contact Impac on 0800 773 782 or

The prequalification is part of HNZ's continuous drive to improve our health and safety performance, by also ensuring the safety of our partners who carry out work for us.

Most scores we’ve received so far from our contractors are above the national average. So it’s clear that our partners share the same focus on robust health and safety systems and practices as we do.

Some of our partners have spoken about the value of the prequalification in identifying and targeting areas of improvement.

Andrew Rimington, Health and Safety Manager at Arrow International (NZ) Ltd, told us:

"The feedback and pragmatic assistance given by Impac at the start and during the process was truly valuable. We found it to be a very worthwhile exercise.

"We have had confirmed by a credible third party that our system delivers New Zealand best practice and places us in the top tier for construction safety.

"Subsequent to our assessment and, at least in part, inspired by the pre-qualification exercise, we have identified opportunities for improvement and tweaked a couple of our processes."

Gary Coxon, Health and Safety Manager at NZ Strong Construction, said:

"The Impac prequalification process is straightforward and very user friendly with Impac help available to clarify content required for sections and submissions.

"Even for the smaller businesses, the process will drive you to introduce systems and processes to improve your PREQUAL score – therefore improving your business processes along the way.

"The PREQUAL report gives you a great assessment of the current strong areas of your business H&S systems and an opportunity to focus on areas of improvement for the next submission."

For more, see this GETS(external link) notice for an explanation of the prequalification approach.

Good health and safety practices seen at this site.

Good health and safety practices seen at this site at Auckland’s Chippendale Crescent include: full security fencing around the perimeter, ablution blocks, and cordoned off holes.

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