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John Newson is the Managing Director at Constructa, which he joined more than 20 years ago.

Constructa started working with Housing New Zealand (HNZ) during our Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Programme in 2014. We sat down with John for a quick chat on the work he and his team are completing for HNZ.

What proud moments have you had working with HNZ?

We choose to work with HNZ because we are all dedicated to making a difference and providing homes to those who need it.

One of the proudest moments for me is when we hand over the keys and get to see the smiling faces of people who move into their new homes. Earlier this year we completed the Luke Street transitional housing development. Here we delivered 43 homes at a very rapid pace.

The first set of homes were completed in just 40 days. While we continued working on the remainder of the site, we got to see the joy from people who moved in. It was a very happy moment for me and that’s certainly what motivates the Constructa team.

Being a Christchurch based company, how do you find working in different locations?

We don’t find it very difficult at all. We use our Christchurch supervisors to supervise the build and ensure we meet our timeframes and we use local talent to help us build the new homes.

Constructa is very much a family company, so regardless of where we are building, we always make sure we have the family feeling. It's not difficult for us to achieve as we encourage group lunches and get to know our team on a personal level. I am proud of what we do as a team.

What are the challenges of working with HNZ?

When we first started working with HNZ, the most challenging thing for us was understanding and adapting to the HNZ processes. However, we quickly built a really good working relationship with the HNZ team, so when we were faced with any challenges we picked up the phone and got the help we needed.

Constructa crew taking a moment to celebrate the completion of Luke Street trans

The Constructa crew taking a moment to celebrate the completion of Luke Street transitional housing.

Constructa - Luke Street aerial

Aerial shot of Luke Street transitional housing.

Constructa - Luke Street

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