Going up in the world

Published: 10 May 2017

Housing New Zealand’s intense focus on building new homes means that we’re deploying a variety of home types and sizes, such as apartments, to make best use of our land holdings, while meeting contemporary demographic demand.


The state home of the near future could be a duplex, a two or three-level walk-up, or a terraced house. And, with greater intensification now possible in Auckland through the Unitary Plan, we’re breaking new ground by planning and constructing more apartment buildings.

“Apartments are a departure from what we’ve built in recent years, but are a typology we’re increasingly adopting. That means we’re engaging with a whole new set of construction companies which specialise in this type of multi-level building,” says Patrick Dougherty.

“In the current market, it’s challenging finding enough construction partners to carry out the work we have in our pipeline. But there’s real opportunity for those who do come on board with us – we have work, and plenty of it, guaranteed for a long time.”

Replacing old houses with apartment buildings means we can house greater numbers of people without expanding our footprint.


Architects render after development Lynton Road

Lynton Road, Mount Wellington (1,500sqm)

Past: two houses

Future: 29 apartments; can house around 60 people

Specs: A six-storey building comprising 16 one-bedroom apartments, 13 two-bedroom units and a community room. 


Wilson Rd, Glen Eden (1,318sqm)

Past: Bare land  

Future: 39 apartments; can house around 60 people

Specs: A six-storey building comprising 39 one-bedroom apartments and a community room. 


Architects render after development completed Galway Street

Galway Street, Onehunga (4965m2)

Past: 34 units

Future: 71 apartments; capacity for around 130 people

Specs: Two four-storey apartment buildings with lifts, comprising 51 one-bedroom and 20 two-bedroom apartment units and a community room. 


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