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Finishing with a flourish…

Published: 28 March 2017

It’s a widely accepted quirk of human nature that people are quick to complain, but slow to compliment. To help reverse this trend, we end every issue of Contractor Connect on a high note. Here’s just a small sampling of the positive feedback received by our Customer Services Centre about work recently done by Housing New Zealand contractors.


Spencer Henshaw

Job: Burst pipe between bathroom and bedroom

Tenant feedback: “Tenant wanted to thank HNZ, especially the contractor who came quickly to address the water leak in his bedroom. He was very happy and called back specifically to thank the tradesman who completed this job.”

Prestige Ltd

Tenant feedback: “Plumber was fast and efficient and arrived within an hour. The job was difficult as they got wet, but the tenant was impressed by their commitment. He was a polite and pleasant young man, and the tenant hopes the same guy can attend in future if there are other plumbing jobs.”

Programmed Facility Management NZ Ltd

Job: Mailboxes blown down in wind.

Tenant feedback: “Tenant is very happy and would like to thank the trades involved. First time the tenant has received such prompt service and she is very grateful. Would like to thank the team very, very much for doing the job within the timeframe advised.”

Responsive Maintenance Ltd

Tenant feedback: “Tenant has called to compliment Will. She sincerely commends him on his fabulous work manner; he listens, asks the right questions, is very respectful, does his homework and follows up within the time frame. He is a real asset.”

Switched On Group

Job: Aluminium window can’t be closed

Tenant feedback: “Tenant has called to say the Trades that arrived this morning were very pleasant and did a very good job. Very happy tenant - thanks.

Spotless Facility Services (NZ) Ltd

Job: Check all window stays and remedy

Tenant feedback: “Tenant would like to compliment the lovely contractor who attended to this work order. She advises he was very friendly and got the job done efficiently. Awesome work!”

Dunedin Housing Maintenance Contractors (DHMC) Ltd

Job: Bathroom vinyl lifting, rotten beading, concrete breaking away from around drain sump.

Tenant feedback: “Tenant would like to say a huge thank you to the contractors who attended this job. She is very pleased with the outstanding work they did and would like to give them a huge ‘thumbs up’ for their great work. Thank you very much team.


Special mention…

Special mention this issue goes to James Tohill, Responsive Scope Co-ordinator for Spencer Henshaw Ltd. Here’s what the Operations Manager of CORT Community Housing had to say about some of James’ recent work… 


"I am writing to let you know what a fantastic job James did at a (Housing New Zealand) property we manage. Late last year, James co-ordinated a refurbishment (of that property). We have four tenants there who can be challenging to work with and are more vulnerable than most to disruption. From the outset, James was sensitive to this and provided us with an amazing and professional service. He created work schedules which worked with the tenants and had the work completed on time to a very high standard. In this case we were not the client, but benefited greatly from the work James did on behalf of Housing New Zealand.”

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