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Exterior painters brush up on their spray capability

Published: 28 March 2017

Five exterior house painting business have acquired spray painting equipment and received training in the technique thanks to support from their head contractor.


LEARNING ON THE JOB: The five exterior painting sub-contractors spent their second day of training making over a Housing New Zealand property as they learned on the job.


With a robust pipeline of Housing New Zealand exterior painting work, Spencer Henshaw Ltd has invested around $100,000 in equipment and training for the five subbies.

“With spray painting you’re able to paint three houses in the time it would normally take to brush paint one,” says Spencer Henshaw Operations Director Tom Lavery. “But a lot of our small exterior paint sub-contractors aren’t in a position to invest in the equipment and training that’s needed.”

Two years ago SHL helped some of its exterior painting crews by kitting them out with vans and mobile scaffolding they could pay off over time. This latest initiative is an extension of that work.

Spencer Henshaw Exterior Painting Manager Alfreda Williams says the subbies have been provided with large and small spray units; the latter for jobs such as window frames, sheds and smaller houses.

“We also researched and imported spray tents from overseas, and worked with Dulux to develop a training module which we ran late last year.”

Tom Lavery says the rationale for the investment is based on exterior painting volumes that have increased by at least 20 per cent every year since 2014.

“This year alone we’ve programmed to paint 602 properties across our three Auckland regions and have 39 exterior painting sub-contractors,” Tom says.

“Preparation time aside, it takes two to three days to spray paint a house versus anything from six to nine days with a brush depending on the size of the house. So it’s a win-win to spray paint where that’s appropriate. It means Housing New Zealand’s need is met more quickly and subbies can get a few more jobs under their belts.”


BEFORE: The Housing New Zealand property before it received its new (spray) paint job.


MADE OVER: The Housing New Zealand property after it received its new (spray) paint job.

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