Nau mai, haere mai. On 1 October, Housing New Zealand joined HLC and KiwiBuild to form Kāinga Ora – Homes and Communities.

Information on this site is still current. For more information about Kāinga Ora visit the Kāinga Ora website.

Finishing with a flourish

Below is some of the awesome feedback our Customer Support Centre has received about work recently done by our maintenance contractors. Keep up the great work; our tenants certainly appreciate it.

Dunedin Housing Maintenance Contractors

Job – Overgrown trees in the front and rear yards, Dunedin

Tenant feedback – Tenant called to praise the guys that did this job. She said they were very helpful, friendly and respectful and on top of that did an awesome job. She said they left the property spotless and also brought her wheelie bin in, as it had started to rain.


Job – Unresolved maintenance issues at the house, Mangere

Tenant feedback – Tenant called to compliment the contractor who visited. She said he did an excellent job and was the only one who managed to find the cause of the problem. She said he cleaned up after himself and he was very polite and respectful.

Job – burst pipes at the property, South Auckland

Tenant feedback – Tenant called to say she was very happy with the service provided by the contractor. She said he did an excellent job and was quick but thorough, and was also friendly. She wanted to pass on her thanks for the wonderful service.

Responsive Maintenance

Job – Painting required at the house, Bay of Plenty

Tenant feedback – Tenant called to compliment the contractors for their wonderful service and a great job with the painting. Tenant would like to thank them for their awesome service.

Switched On

Job – Re-soil and seed following a large tree removal, Christchurch

Tenant feedback – Tenant called to say how impressed he was with the contractor, who did an outstanding job. It’s the best workmanship he’s seen in 20 years.

Spencer Henshaw

Job – Reinstating a fence removed to complete drainage work, Auckland

Tenant feedback – Tenant called to compliment the contractor who attended to repair her fence. She wanted to say thank you for the fast service and is very happy with the fence.

Programmed Facility Management

Job – Repairs to a number of light switches not working, East Auckland

Tenant feedback – Tenant called to say that the tradesmen who attended were very polite, the work they did promptly was exceptional and there was no mess. She advised that she was very happy.

Job – Tenant accidently locked herself out of the house, Wellington/Hutt Valley

Tenant feedback – Tenant called to say the carpenter who attended was
amazing, got everything done and was gone in 15 minutes. Tenant said if she owned a company she would want to employ him.


Job – Birds nesting in roof and walls, Palmerston North

Tenant feedback – Tenant who is visually impaired called to compliment the trades who attended. They did a magnificent job, were well mannered, and there was no damage to the garden which goes right around the house. “There were two lads and a lady and they did amazing work.”

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