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Tradesman app makes it easier for trades contractors and their workers

Published: 10 October 2018

In June, Spencer Henshaw launched Te Mana, a new job management system that has heralded an efficient and user-friendly way to get the job done.

Alex Schmalkuchen from AMS Property Services Ltd using the Tradesman app

From Te Mana emerged a new mobile application that trades and contractors can operate on their phones or tablets.

Trades contractors who have started using the new app are talking it up.

Alex Schmalkuchen from AMS Property Services says it’s increased productivity and given them a platform to easily upload all necessary information and images and sign off work, all from onsite.

“We can also assign jobs or make changes really easily and warnings and notes are easy to see so we don’t miss them,” Alex says.

Elma Rens runs a big team of multi trades and they have also found the Tradesman app delivers time savings and makes communication much easier.

“The Tradesman app is a super-efficient way of having control over all jobs that have been assigned to the trades and makes my job of managing workflow much easier,” Elma says.

“It’s very easy to see which jobs could be running out of time and whether anyone is overutilised or underutilised. My team can be fully mobile to receive, process and close jobs while in the field, in real time. This all means less driving to and from the office for paperwork and less admin time for me.”

Tony Wedgwood runs his own carpentry business and works on vacant Housing New Zealand properties. We also asked Tony how he’s finding the Tradesman app.

Tony says the app is awesome and he doesn’t need to print things anymore. Having the app in his pocket as a good reference gives him everything he needs, like supervisors’ details and job details at his fingertips. This means I no longer need to spend time in the evening processing jobs into the portal,” he says.

Spencer Henshaw says they are really excited about the uptake of the Tradesman app because it provides benefits for trades contractors and real-time information. In the near future this will allow tenants and Housing New Zealand to track the status and progress of individual jobs.

Alex from AMS nailed it when he said “it’s like having the entire office in my pocket”.

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