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Shout outs x 3 ….

Published: 10 October 2018

Below is a shout out to subbies that go above and beyond for our tenants, and their commitment to the public and environmental health and safety for staff, contractors and tenants.

ShowerFix Auckland subbie Glen Strachan

Subbie Glen Strachan

Glen just started with ShowerFix and is a ‘machine’. He goes above and beyond and we’re just so impressed.

He’s polite and friendly and is out there getting the work done. He does a lot of work for HNZ and has received several compliments from our tenants.

Thanks to Jamie and his Zap team for caring

This is a special story. For privacy reasons, the name and location of the tenant have been removed.

We had a Hutt Valley tenant who was keen on gardening, and collecting and storing things for the future, which had caused quite a build-up of excess ‘stuff’ in the back yard.

The tenant was also very attached to an apple tree at the rear of the house. The apple tree had been planted by a family member who had since passed away. Unfortunately, where the tree was located was causing it to grow into an open window and push against other parts of the house.

Given how important the tree was to the tenant, Jamie and his team replanted the tree at the back of the property and also created a small garden using some of the stuff the tenant had been saving for a rainy day.

We received a letter from the tenant expressing their utmost appreciation for the efforts Jamie and his team had made.

Thank you Jamie and your team from Zap Services for caring – we appreciate it and so do our tenants.

Contaminated Site Solutions

Spencer Henshaw says subbie Contaminated Site Solutions has recently undergone an annual SiteWise health and safety assessment and been awarded full marks of 100%.

SHL says this great result confirms CSS’ and SHL’s ongoing commitment to public and environmental health and safety for staff, contractors and tenants.

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