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Quick thinking saves a beloved pet

Published: 10 October 2018

Clean Up Canterbury were onsite at a property in the Christchurch suburb of Spreydon, in August, when they heard smoke alarms sounding and saw there was smoke inside the house. They could also see a small dog locked inside.

Subbies James Walsh and Paul Williams with the tenant’s dog

There is no question the response by Clean Up Canterbury saved the tenant’s dog, the house and the tenant’s belongings from what Fire and Emergency (formerly NZ Fire Service) says would have been total devastation.

While one of the team called Fire and Emergency, the other two Clean Up team members found an already damaged pane of glass.

As there was no sign of flames, they were able to enter the property safely and track the source of the smoke, which was some clothing draped over a portable heater. After turning off the power, they carefully removed the garment from the heater, and quickly and safely dealt with it. While all this was going on, they contacted their offsite manager, who was trying to make contact with the tenant to urge them to get back as quickly as possible.

Fire and Emergency arrived and did their usual checks. They commented that the house was less than 15 minutes away from catching fire.

Switched On says quick thinking from the Clean Up Canterbury team of Paul, James and Nicole certainly saved a beloved tenant’s pet from harm. In the process, they also saved the house from significant or possibly total damage.

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