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Trust your instincts

Recent home visits by contractors working for Programmed Facility Management (PFM) quickly became emergency situations. Looking back, it’s clear to see the actions taken by our contractors helped to save the lives of two elderly tenants.

In the first case, PFM contractor Adam Hagger arrived at a property to scope a Warm and Dry intervention. When he arrived, the first thing he noticed was the elderly tenant looking very unwell.

Adam asked her if she was okay and whether she wanted water, was on any medical plan or was receiving home care help.

“She was getting very short of breath, going pale and breaking into a sweat,” Adam says. At that point he knew she needed medical assistance.

He advised the tenant he was going to call for help, but says she insisted she was okay.

However, his gut instinct told him otherwise. “I felt she was in a really bad way which could have dire consequences,” Adam says.

Within 10 minutes a paramedic had arrived and worked to stabilise the tenant.

The paramedic confirmed what Adam had suspected – that the tenant’s situation was life threatening. An ambulance was called and Adam says he waited until it arrived.

Adam says he’s glad he took immediate action to get urgent medical assistance for the tenant. “She thanked me and I said it was the very least I could do in the circumstances,” Adam says.

Trust your instinctsLeft - PFM contractor Adam Hagger. Right - PFM contactor Lee Parkman

Quick thinking by another PFM contractor, also helped to save the life of an elderly Housing New Zealand tenant.

When contractor Lee Parkman arrived to carry out a Warm and Dry scope, he says things just didn’t look or feel right. Lee says he immediately phoned Tenancy Manager Kathryn Duckett and soon after his call both Kathryn and Senior Tenancy Manager Tina Hughes arrived at the property. As they were knocking on the door, they could hear the tenant calling out for help.

Lee says Kathryn and Lisa asked him to gain entry, which he did by smashing a window in the door. While Lee cleaned up the glass and boarded up the door, Kathryn and Lisa supported the tenant, who was lying on the floor in really bad shape.

“The tenant had been on the floor for some time but wasn’t in any pain and didn’t think any bones were broken.” An ambulance was called and the three of them continued to support the tenant while he was prepped for his journey to hospital.

Lee says he sees the actions he took on that day in August as all in a day’s work as a Housing New Zealand maintenance contractor. “If things don’t feel quite right, they usually aren’t, so don’t be afraid to back yourself to do the right thing,” Lee says.

Thank you, Adam and Lee – we really appreciate what you did to help our tenants.

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