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Home safely

Spencer Henshaw is collaborating with WorkSafe NZ to appeal to their Pacific (exterior painting and decorating) contractors through a new health and safety initiative called Puataunofo Come Home Safely.

Home safelyPuataunofo Come Home Safely aims to raise awareness of health and safety issues, reduce workplace injuries, and inform the Pacific workforce on health and safety practices and standards.

The workshops, designed primarily for companies with large Pacific workforces, work with contractors and workers from a cultural perspective and encourage discussions and questions relating to health and safety.

So far, 140 subcontractors have been through the programme and have given WorkSafe NZ positive feedback about it.

Spencer Henshaw’s first workshop was a success and prompted worthwhile safety discussions about a range of life situations – not just work!

Here’s some of the feedback they received from their exterior painters:

“The site safety was a very helpful reminder of how life depends on the conditions at our workplace and how to keep others safe as well. If we see someone is not doing things right, tell them and put it right. We all learnt quite a bit and thank you for your programme.”

“The Puataunofo workshop was very informative and it helped as a reminder of how little shortcuts and oversights can have detrimental effects on our work life and personal lives. To summarise my time at the workshop, I felt it was a shock and awe moment, a wake-up call to change my mindset and definitely change how to do and approach what I do in the future for my safety and everyone around me.”

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