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Two years on – SW Scaffolding’s Sean, Te Tane and Peletina

In our March 2017 Contractor Connect, we published a story about five Manurewa High School students taking their first career steps with Spencer Henshaw subbie SW Scaffolding.

Sean Maireroa, Te Hiiranga (Te) Tane and Peletina (Pele) Motuga, along with two other school boys, were given work experience via Manurewa High School’s Trades Academy programme.

Two years on and now aged 19 years, Sean, Te and Peletina are permanently employed as spanner hands. Te works with SW’s commercial crew and Sean is now running his own crew – a huge achievement. They will both complete their scaffolding tickets later this year.

Sean, Te and Pele are at work at 6.30am every day ready to go. They bring to SW energy and positivity, both of which are large parts of the company.

An important part of this collective is the drive from the people at Manurewa High School to create this initiative and back it. It also requires the support of families, for companies to take a gamble and the boys themselves to work hard and see a future.

“How far the boys have come is important and, at the same time, so is how resolute they are in what they want to achieve”, says SW Scaffolding Business Manager Reuben Aberhart. “I believe they are going to have bright futures.”

Last month four new boys began their work experience with SW. The possibilities that have been carved out by the class of 2017 will in turn be passed onto these new students.

What a great outcome for SW Scaffolding and Sean, Te and Peletina.

Te Hiirangi and Sean Maireroa (missing Pele currently in Samoa trialling for the Samoan rugby team)

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