New handbook for subbies

Spencer Henshaw (SHL) is launching an information handbook for its subcontractors.

Lynda McGregor, HR and Trades Manager for SHL, says the ‘Subcontractor Handbook’ will initially be provided to all SHL’s subcontractor companies and will also be available via SHL’s Internet portal. From then Lynda says the handbook will become part of SHL’s subcontractor induction process.

Lynda says the handbook describes the company, its relationship with Housing New Zealand and the maintenance contract.

“It provides all the information a new subcontractor needs to understand the environment in which they will work, the processes involved, support and resources available to them, including SHL trades training, and some of the finer details such as work priorities and KPI timeframes,” Lynda says.

“We know the handbook is going to be a great resource for all our existing subbies and any new subbies joining the SHL team. We developed the handbook so subbies have everything they need to know and a useful resource they can use when out in the field,” Lynda says.

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