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Massey making a difference

Programmed Facility Management (PFM) certainly seems to relish a challenge.

In a previous issue of Contractor Connect, we included a story about the great work they did with a particularly challenging tenancy.

In this issue, PFM has shared a story about Massey, one of their subbies in the Wellington/Hutt Valley region. Senior Contracts Manager Shane Hatfield says it’s often Massey they call on when they have a particularly difficult and challenging job to do.

As a subbie for PFM, Massey removes rubbish, often a huge amount, left behind at Housing New Zealand properties – not what most of us would consider the best of jobs to have to do, Shane says.

But to Massey it’s just another challenge and his way of helping people.

The property Massey is seen working at in the image below was a really big job, Shane says.

"In total, 15.5 by 7.5 cubic metres of rubbish was removed from inside the property. We also removed huge piles of rubbish from the section including some from illegal dumping that had occurred after the tenancy had ended," Shane says.

Shane says Massey also takes it upon himself to store and hold any usable household items like fridges, washing machines and cutlery that have been formally relinquished by the vacating tenant.

"Massey holds these items and will personally deliver them to new tenants who may need a fridge or washing machine or some cutlery. He’s always thinking about how he can help anyone out," Shane says.

Massey says he loves his job but loves a challenge, especially a difficult one, even more.

"It’s all in a day’s work and if I see an opportunity to make a difference, I will always take it with open arms," Massey says.

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