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InZone Industries’ special gift to Tana

Tana is just like any eight-year-old boy. He loves to do typical things like riding his bike, running in his school cross country, swimming, playing with his three brothers and his friends, and spending time with his family.

Tana and his family are chuffed with their new van.

There is only one thing that hinders all this and that’s Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD). Tana has DMD, a severe type of muscular dystrophy which results in muscle weakness and starts to progressively worsen in boys from around age four.

Typically, muscle loss occurs first in the upper legs and pelvis, followed by muscles in the upper arms. This means Tana will eventually need to get around everywhere in a power wheelchair. At the moment he is using a power chair for when he’s at school. This chair requires a specialised mobility van with a hoist to be able to safely transport Tana and his family.

Currently, Tana and his family are not eligible for any funding help. Tana’s father, Paul, is an installer at Smart Energy Solutions (InZone Industries) Waikato branch. InZone is a subbie for Prestige.

The mobility van will help with transporting Tana and his power chair.

Recently, InZone created a huge surprise for Tana and his family.

Tana’s mother, Alexandra, says InZone gifted the family a mobility van they can use to transport Tana and his power chair.

“We’re just lost for words; it’s an absolutely amazing gift for Tana and our family.

“All we can say is heartfelt thanks to Paul Thomson, Gareth Hayward, Brett Alcock and Luke Hunter [SES/InZone Industries] for bringing it all together. We are just so grateful,” Alexandra says.

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