Nau mai, haere mai. On 1 October, Housing New Zealand joined HLC and KiwiBuild to form Kāinga Ora – Homes and Communities.

Information on this site is still current. For more information about Kāinga Ora visit the Kāinga Ora website.

Finishing with a flourish

Tenants are always quick to let us know when you have done a great job.

We also enjoy reading all these compliments. It’s hard to choose which ones to include in Contractor Connect, but we always aim to select a representative sample from across all regions.

In this reporting period we received a total of 158 compliments. In every case the tenant initiated contact with us because they felt you went above and beyond and placed them at the centre of everything you did while working in their home.

Keep up the great work. In the compliments we’ve included you’ll see that it’s all about the customer experience.

Switched On Group

Job – Scaffold installation, Nelson

Tenant feedback – Tenant phoned to say the two men who put up the scaffolding took great care around the plants in her garden, worked tirelessly in the heat and kept going until the job was finished. She would like these two men to be complimented for their hard work.

Job – Peeling wallpaper throughout property, Christchurch

Tenant feedback – Tenant called to compliment the trades. They were respectful, did an amazing job and she was very happy with the result.

Spencer Henshaw

Job – Repairs to chimney, Auckland

Tenant feedback – Tenant phoned to say the contractor was very nice and respectful and did a good job on the chimney, which was a difficult job.

Job – Repairs to window, Auckland

Tenant feedback – Tenant called to pass on her compliments as she was really pleased with the trade who came to fix the window. She was impressed by how quickly the window got fixed. Tenant also said the trade came to her property within an hour after speaking to Housing New Zealand.

Job – Repairs to wet walls in bathroom, Auckland

Tenant feedback – Tenant called to say the builder was wonderful. She said he laid mats down, swept the path and couldn’t have been more respectful and polite. She was not long out of hospital and really appreciated the time he took to leave the bathroom as he found it. She was very grateful for the wonderful service.

Programmed Facility Management

Job – Leaking hot water tap, pressure in both kitchen taps too high, Auckland

Tenant feedback – Tenant called to say the plumber did a really great job and he was very impressed and happy with the work that was done. The trade was very polite and into his job.

Job – Concertina sliding door to laundry is jammed in open position, Auckland

Tenant feedback – Tenant called to compliment the trade. She advised their service level was excellent and said she feels blessed to have good contractors coming to her house and will always be ready to offer them coffee if they need it. She is grateful Housing New Zealand sends good contractors and for her beautiful house.

Job – Exterior side door not weathertight, Auckland

Tenant feedback – Tenant called very, very pleased with the contractor. Advised he was polite, nice and seemed to know what he was doing. Also said that everything about the trade was amazing and that in 15 years no one has been like him or able to accomplish a quality like he did – he was very quick with a great work ethic.

Job – Possible burst pipe, water coming through the walls, Wellington / Hutt Valley

Tenant feedback – Tenant phoned to say the trade did an amazing job, had been great all day and if she could she would like to give him five stars. She is very happy with the work and performance.

Job – Issues raised by tenant after a recent carpet installation, Wellington / Hutt Valley

Tenant feedback – Tenant called to say the defects were remedied and the man who came displayed patience and understanding, listened to her concerns and showed respect.


Job – Redecoration of kitchen and dining rooms, installation of curtains, Hawkes Bay

Tenant feedback – Tenant’s daughter phoned to say the man and woman who came to install the new curtains were so nice, did so well and were a good team. They were really courteous and had also asked how her dad was. (The daughter is the caregiver for her family and said she really appreciated this from a caregiver’s point of view.)

Job – Waterblast slippery path from the driveway to lift, Palmerston North

Tenant feedback – Tenant called to say ‘thank you’ to the contractors who waterblasted the driveway, which was very slippery for her as she is on crutches. She advised that it’s no longer slippery and much easier for her to walk with her crutches.

Dunedin Housing Maintenance Contractors

Job – Property insecure and urgent work job to secure it, Greymouth

Tenant feedback – Tenant called to thank us for the great service he received and the way his request for urgent repairs was raised. He also wanted to thank Housing New Zealand for the continuous service he receives from the maintenance teams.


Job – New boundary fencing, South Auckland

Tenant feedback – Tenant called to compliment the three men who came to do the boundary fencing. She said they were absolutely fantastic, delightful and respectful and cleaned up after themselves. They went above and beyond with helping her to tidy her yard and mow her lawns and she was very grateful as she has mobility issues.

Responsive Maintenance

Job – New carpet, Hamilton

Tenant feedback – Tenant phoned to pass on her compliments to the trade who installed the carpet. She said the lady did a great job and was very professional.

Job – New boundary fencing, Hamilton

Tenant feedback – Tenant called to advise the ‘young fella’ from Mitchells did a fantastic job and was such a good worker. He did a brilliant job, was a great worker. The work he did was great and she wants this passed on to his boss.

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