New Ministry of Health methamphetamine guidelines welcomed

There has been a lot of discussion and media coverage around the issue of methamphetamine.


Housing New Zealand has taken a very proactive and strong stance to deal with the issue of meth use in our homes and the contamination and health issues that result from this.

For a very long time, there was only one set of guidelines for property owners, like Housing New Zealand and private landlords, to use to determine the health and safety of homes that may be meth contaminated.

We were, and will continue to be, guided by what is set at a national level, by health experts who apply the best research and practise that is available locally, and internationally.

We welcome the new Ministry of Health guidelines that were released in late October.

Those recommended guidelines will have some significant benefits when it comes to managing our homes.

Annually we’ll see far fewer properties vacant and undergoing decontamination, which means more homes available for people in need.

Providing safe and healthy homes for our tenants, ensuring they are good neighbours and can sustain their tenancy remains our core focus.

However, illegal activity is not permitted in our homes. It is a breach of the tenancy agreement that people sign with us.

Smoking ‘P’ remains an illegal activity in New Zealand. We will continue to address this with our tenants and have already started applying the revised guideline to this activity.

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