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Celebrating redevelopments throughout New Zealand - November

15 December 2017

Housing New Zealand is making more efficient use of its land to increase the pace and scale of housing supply throughout New Zealand.

General update for NZ

Throughout the country we have 143 active development sites - 101 of those are in Auckland, 31 in Christchurch, 6 in the Hamilton and 2 in Wellington.

The Roof Shout: ADG Spring edition for our developers and build partners was published on 2 November.

Contractor Connect - our quarterly update for our head contractors and their subbies was also released.


During the month of November, Housing New Zealand has received resource consent on four redevelopments which will see over 90 new homes being built. The new homes will be designed and built to modern standards.

All new homes are insulated with double glazing which makes homes warm and less expensive to heat. Energy efficient lights, showers and taps are installed throughout and each home is designed to take full advantage of the sun to create living spaces that are warm and light wherever possible.

View more of the Auckland Housing developments


Phillip St & Frankmoore Ave - site establishment works have been completed and ground preparation works are underway. Construction works will commence in January 2018.

Phillip and Frankmoore development Johnsonville

Spy holes in the walls of Phillip St and Frankmoore Ave development so people can watch the construction

Britomart Street - all three Britomart building are well underway with the second floor of the largest building nearly complete. They will be working through the Christmas period completing the roof and closing in as much as possible.

Britomart Street construction

Hanson Street - Foundation works are mostly complete and work has started on the vertical walls.

Hanson Street construction


Three of our project managers in the delivery team graduated with their Certificate in Construction Site Safety.

Read the story for more details.

Our staff delivered a further 13 new homes to tenants and their families in Christchurch during November.

Construction work has commenced on High & White St, Rangiora. A number of archaeological items of interest have been found on the site, from old wells & rubbish pits from the 1900s. There was apparently a hotel on the High St site circa 1860.

High and White Street archaeological pictures

Image left: an old well. Right: an old fireplace foundation

Construction work continues at Eveleyn Couzins Ave on the 23 x one-bedroom properties with the beam foundations poured & the balance of the floor preparation underway.

Three of the Rolleston refurbished houses have been moved out of the prison to the two sites at Flesher Ave and Clydesdale St, with one more house to be situated on the Flesher Ave site in the next month.

Clydesdale Street house moving

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