Typhoid Outbreak in Auckland

4 April 2017

Housing New Zealand is encouraging tenants to pay special attention to personal hygiene and hand washing due to a typhoid fever outbreak in Auckland.


Housing New Zealand Health, Safety & Security Advisor for Auckland South East Region, Darryl van der Westhuizen, says “As most will be aware there are a growing number of reported cases of typhoid fever in Auckland. The Auckland Regional Public Health Service is monitoring the situation.”

Darryl says that washing your hands is one of the best ways to prevent getting sick and spreading illnesses. It also gets rid of germs you pick up from other people or surfaces you touch, “Typhoid fever is a bacteria that can be passed from person to person through touch, but is not an airborne bacteria. Personal hygiene is very important.”

You should always wash hands:

  • After you have been to the toilet, before you have anything to eat, before you prepare food or a meal
  • After stroking or touching your pets or other animals
  • After changing a nappy or holding a baby
  • After handling animals, their toys, leashes or waste
  • After touching something that could be dirty (such as rubbish bins, cleaning cloth, drain or soil)
  • Whenever your hands feel or look dirty

Typhoid symptoms include a high fever developing over several days, headaches, general weakness and muscle aches. Stomach pain and constipation are also common. Some people get diarrhoea. People are urged to seek medical advice if they are experiencing symptoms.

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