New look state housing nears completion in Blockhouse Bay

12 April 2016

Thirteen modern new Housing New Zealand homes are nearing completion in Blockhouse Bay and will be ready to house people before the end of May.


The 2424 square metre site previously held just four state houses that were built in the 1940s and 1950s. It now contains 13 two, three and four-bedroom homes that are warm, dry and fit for purpose.

Housing New Zealand’s Asset Development Group acting general manager Patrick Dougherty says the development, on the corner of Busby and Crowther Streets, is a much wiser use of the available land.

“Given the high demand for housing in Auckland, it’s no longer realistic for us to have a single, three-bedroom house sitting on a large, under-utilised section. Developments like this one allow us to use our land more efficiently and build more housing of the right size and type to meet demand.”

The laneway into the new development will be called Kumanu Lane, which translates from Maori into English as ‘to tend carefully, foster, attend to, care for and cherish’.

The average age of Housing New Zealand’s stock is more than 45 years and Mr Dougherty says these older homes become increasingly difficult and expensive to maintain and live in.

“The homes we’re building in Blockhouse Bay, and elsewhere, are designed and built to modern standards and feature double-glazing, insulation and modern materials and fittings inside and out. They’re purpose-built to meet the needs of today’s tenants.”

Mr Dougherty says the Blockhouse Bay site is also among the first of a number of Housing New Zealand developments being completed on Special Housing Area (SHA) land – locations across Auckland where council and government have approved fast-track development to more quickly supply much-needed housing.

“With SHAs, we’re able to move much more swiftly to increase and improve the supply of social housing, as well as the overall supply of housing in the pressured Auckland market.”

Housing New Zealand has land in around 50 Special Housing Areas across Auckland. In the next five years or so it expects it could create up to around 2650 houses across these SHAs – sites where there are currently only about 528 homes.

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