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Housing New Zealand welcomes Porirua regeneration plan

1 November 2018

More warm and dry state homes will be available for Housing New Zealand (HNZ) tenants in Porirua through the Government’s regeneration plan which was announced today.

HNZ Chair Adrienne Young-Cooper said the long-term plan would see up to 2,900 public houses in Porirua renewed which will mean better quality homes for people and their families.

"We’re excited about our role in providing better quality, and more public housing in Porirua," says Ms Young-Cooper.

"We already have a significant renewal programme underway upgrading our older properties across New Zealand, so we’re ready and prepared to roll this work out in Porirua.

"This national renewal programme will see 75 percent of our properties upgraded over the next 20 years, improving their durability and energy efficiency, and supporting better health outcomes for our customers."

The Government also confirmed that an additional 150 homes would be added to the public housing stock in Porirua and the delivery of around 2000 extra affordable and market homes, including KiwiBuild in Porirua.

HNZ is building 53 new state homes at Castor Loop in Cannons Creek, with the first homes ready in 2020, so more homes were already in the pipeline.

The regeneration project will be led by HNZ subsidiary HLC.

HLC is master-planning the project and, working alongside the community, Porirua City Council and local iwi Ngāti Toa, will also look at improving neighbourhood design in eastern Porirua, including upgrading parks and streets to make it easier to get around and do business in the area.

HLC are specialists in master planning and using a community’s existing strengths to create great places to live by delivering a wide range of modern, quality homes, including KiwiBuild homes.

Their planning adds to urban environments in a way that is socially, economically and environmentally sustainable for people living in those communities.

HLC is currently working on projects similar to Porirua in Auckland.

HNZ Chief Executive Andrew McKenzie welcomed working with Ngāti Toa to improve public housing in Porirua.

The plan sees the Government partnering with Ngāti Toa to take over the management of around 900 Housing New Zealand properties in western Porirua from late 2019. The details are still to be worked out, but this proposal would also see Ngāti Toa renew the housing stock.

"Creating partnerships with the local iwi, who have deep links with their community, will help us deliver better housing in Porirua," says Mr McKenzie.

"As the country’s biggest landlord, building modern, quality homes and upgrading our houses is something we’re already doing nationwide as part of a $5.6 billion investment over the next four years in our housing stock."

Mr McKenzie says that following today’s announcement, there is no immediate change to people’s tenancy agreements and they can still access the same support and services they can get now from Housing New Zealand.

"We’ll keep our tenants informed at every stage as the regeneration plan progresses and what it means for them."

Information for tenants on today’s announcement is available below

Porirua regeneration – information for tenants

What is happening?

The Government is looking at options to provide more and better houses in Porirua.

This is part of a 25-year plan to make state houses in eastern and western Porirua warmer, drier and safer, while also looking to build more affordable and market homes in the city.

This commitment will result in the renewal of 2900 public houses making them warmer, drier and safer, and the delivery of at least 2000 extra affordable and market homes, including Kiwibuild homes.

Up to 150 new public houses will be added to the wider Porirua area and Tawa.

This will see Housing New Zealand tenants and their families living in better quality homes.

All Housing New Zealand tenants will receive a letter with more information on what this means for them. There is no immediate change to your current tenancy agreement.

In eastern Porirua this will involve the upgrading and renewal of state houses in Cannons Creek, Ascot Park, Waitangirua and Porirua East. Alongside this the Government will also work with the eastern Porirua community, Ngāti Toa and the Porirua City Council to unlock the potential for social and economic growth there to make it a better, safer, more attractive place to live, work and raise families.

In western Porirua the Government is partnering with Ngāti Toa where the iwi may manage the leases on around 900 Housing New Zealand houses in western Porirua for 25 years.

If this goes ahead, Housing New Zealand tenants living in Mana, Titahi Bay, Takapuwhaia, Elsdon and Tawa, would see Ngāti Toa become their new landlord from late 2019. Ngāti Toa would have the same responsibilities as Housing New Zealand does now and would also look to upgrade some of those homes so they are warmer, drier and safer.

What’s the next step?

If the partnership goes ahead, those living in western Porirua would see Ngāti Toa become their new landlord from late 2019.

In eastern Porirua, work will begin on looking at options for renewing and upgrading the state houses there.

Please be assured that if we do decide to develop in a neighbourhood in the future, we will ensure tenants are the first to know. They will be supported through the process and we’ll work closely with tenants so they know about our plans.

What happens next for tenants?

Nothing for now. We will keep you up to date at every stage.

If the place I live in is going to be managed by Ngāti Toa, what will happen to me?

Your property will remain as public housing, and your tenancy will stay with your property. You would have a new landlord, but that won’t change your rent, and you would have the same tenant rights under law as you do now.

As long as you are eligible for public housing, you will continue to be housed.

Will I have to pay more rent?

The rent you currently pay will not change as a result of the partnership with Ngāti Toa or the work to renew and upgrade HNZ properties in the east.

Like any public housing tenant, your rent may change if your circumstances change. But you would not have to pay more or less rent as a result of the housing improvements in Porirua.

How will you guarantee Ngāti Toa would maintain the property I live in?

If the partnership goes ahead, Ngāti Toa would be supervised and regulated by the Government, and they would have to meet certain standards to ensure they properly maintain the house you live in.

Can I choose to keep Housing New Zealand as my landlord?

No, you won’t be able to choose. However, it’s important to remember that your new landlord will be expected to provide the same services than you get now from Housing New Zealand. You should know that:

  • If the partnership happens, you will be well looked after throughout the process, whether you are dealing with Housing New Zealand or Ngāti Toa.
  • Your new landlord would be registered and regulated by the Government.
  • If you currently pay an income-related rent, you will continue paying an income-related rent as long as you are eligible.
  • Your rights as a tenant would continue to be protected by law, as they are now.

If I have concerns about my property who should I call?

You should continue to call Housing New Zealand for anything to do with your property or tenancy, in the same way you do now.

More information on the project can be found at

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