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FENZ and HNZ team up to train fire fighters

12 December 2018

Ever been tossed into a two story building, that’s fully cloaked in dense peanut oil smoke and made to carry a 90kg dummy downstairs in blackout conditions?

Not too many could lay claim to that and having now experienced it briefly first hand myself I can safely say not too many of us would want to!

However that’s the experience a number of Fire and Emergency New Zealand firefighters had recently as part of a training exercise in a block of our properties due for demolition in the Hutt Valley suburb of Naenae.

Housing New Zealand’s Renee and Christiaan worked with Fire and Emergency to find them a suitable property. It was also decided media might be keen to come along, watch the exercise and report on it. And what better way of ‘watching’ than to be dressed up in full firefighting kit including breathing apparatus, for the first time in your life and sent in to check the smoke-filled premises and rescue anyone trapped in there. Bravo Stuff’s reporter Abbey Palmer!

For the rest of the local Fire and Emergency crew it was the chance to put theory into practice. The teams were briefed, equipment set-up and the exercise commenced.

"The training day was a great success and the teams were very grateful to have the opportunity to use these facilities as a training location," says Fire and Emergency Station Officer, Thomas Kiel. "Getting to experience these simulated scenarios is incredibly valuable to our team’s preparation for responding to a real event."

“Housing New Zealand has a positive and lengthy relationship with Fire and Emergency NZ and we’re delighted to be able to offer them this space for training, it greatly benefits both organisations. We are looking for other opportunities to repeat the exercise in different parts of the country as our redevelopment and build programme continues to roll out,” HNZ National Relationship Manager, Mariota says.

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