Tenancy reviews for state housing tenants

Published: 13 November 2017

The Government wants state housing to be available for those people and families most in need.

Tenancy reviews make sure that people living in state housing still need it, and if they do, that the house continues to meet their needs.

It’s important that people who have benefited from state housing and whose situation has improved, are given the support to move into the private rental market or home ownership, if they’re able to. Find more information about our home ownership schemes here.

Tenants receive information about reviewable tenancies in the mail and here on the website. You can also talk to us on our freephone 0800 801 601.

The Ministry of Social Development (external link) (MSD) is responsible for carrying out tenancy reviews as part of their role to check eligibility for housing. Find more information about our home ownership schemes here.

The full review process will be done over a number of months and involves working on a plan with tenants to help them move if they are no longer eligible for state housing.

If it becomes clear at any stage during the review that the tenant still requires state housing support they will be able to stay in state housing.

The criteria used to review whether you are able to stay in state housing will be very similar to those used when you apply for state housing, including accessibility, affordability and sustainability. For those tenants who are no longer eligible for state housing, MSD will provide them with options and advice to help them make the move from state housing. This may include offering support with one-off and ongoing costs associated with moving and staying in their new property. At that point Housing New Zealand will provide the tenant with a 90 days notice of the end of their tenancy, as it will be needed by people and families on the social housing register.


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