Tenant responsibilities

Published: 9 February 2017

By signing the tenancy agreement, you agree that you will:

  • pay your rent on time
  • keep your house and garden tidy and not damage the property - if friends, family or visitors damage the property, you need to pay for the repairs
  • call us when repairs are needed
  • pay your phone and power bills, and for light bulbs
  • insure your furniture or belongings against damage, fire or theft
  • let us know immediately if your income, your partner's income or the number of people living in your house or flat changes - if you're paying income-related rent
  • leave the property clean and tidy, remove all your possessions, and return all sets of keys when you move out
  • consider your neighbours
  • not let anyone else rent your house or let anyone other than you and your family live there without our permission
  • not use the property for an unlawful purpose or let anyone else use it for unlawful purposes
  • not change the locks on your house or flat without our agreement


You need to keep your house in good condition and call us as soon as you can about any damage. You also need to pay for any damage caused, such as:

  • burns, stains, marks and scratches
  • accidents, such as broken windows
  • damage from building or repair work you have done
  • forced entry or damage that you may have caused.


If you lose your keys or lock yourself out you can either arrange a locksmith yourself or call us and we'll arrange a new key for you. There will be a charge for replacement keys.


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