Published: 12 May 2016


The bond is equal to two weeks' rent. You pay it before you move in. The Ministry of Building, Innovation and Employment(external link) holds it and returns it to you if your home is in good condition and as long as there's no money owing when you leave.


If you pay an income-related rent, the Ministry of Social Development (MSD) will review your rent annually around the anniversary of your move-in date.

Once your rent has been reviewed, MSD will write to you to let you know if it is changing and what those changes will be. MSD will then send you a form to fill out about four months before your rent is due to change.

If you don't want to apply for income-related rent, or your income is over the threshold, we may charge the market rent for the property.

Remember to let us know immediately if your circumstances change.

Change of circumstances

If your circumstances change while you are waiting for a Housing New Zealand house, or when you are already living in one, you need to notify the Ministry of Social Development right away by calling Work and Income on 0800 559 009 or Senior Services on 0800 552 002 if you’re over 65.

Read more on what you need to do if your circumstances change

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