Fire safety

Published: 9 February 2017

Smoke Detectors

Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors are put in all our houses or flats for your safety - one in each bedroom, the living areas and hallway. They are reliable so long as you look after them. If you think a smoke detector may be faulty, let us know straight away.

Test them once a month and when you get home after being away. To test, press the button for about two seconds. The alarm will sound. When you take your finger off the button it will have reset and the light will blink continuously. Clean smoke detectors every 6 months by gently dusting with a vacuum cleaner brush.

Call us on 0800 801 601 if:

  • the red light stops blinking
  • there is no alarm when you press the test button
  • the detector makes an unusual noise or chirps.

If you set off the smoke detector by accident - say with burnt toast - open the windows to air out the house and press the hush button if it has one.

Other tips

Keep furniture, clothes and curtains at least one metre from heaters and the fireplace. Ashes can take up to five days to cool so put them in a metal container well away from the house. Always turn off your electric blanket at the wall before getting into bed.

Cooking sparks many fires. Here are a few ways to avoid them:

  • don't leave anything cooking on the stove unattended
  • turn off the heat if the oil or fat is smoking
  • keep curtains, plastic electric jugs and tea towels away from the stove
  • regularly empty crumbs from the toaster and clean the oven.


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