Having a pet

Published: 9 November 2016


Like most landlords, Housing New Zealand does not allow dogs in its properties, apart from where there are exceptional circumstances – for example, if you have a certified hearing or sight dog.

If we allow you to keep a support dog, you will need to sign an agreement showing that:

  • the dog is registered
  • the dog is kept within the property
  • you take responsibility for the dog and ensure it doesn't disturb neighbours
  • you will comply with all the legal obligations of a dog owner
  • you will make sure the dog is tied up when we or our contractors visit
  • you will have the dog removed if it becomes a nuisance or is dangerous
  • you agree to remedy or pay for any damage to the home or grounds caused by the animal.

Other pets

If you live in a Housing New Zealand home or flat you can keep other pets so long as you have checked with us and we've said yes.

If a pet that has been approved is a persistent nuisance or hazard we may cancel our agreement. In extreme cases, we can have pets removed from a tenant's property at their expense, or we can seek to end their tenancy.


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