Our structure

Published: 12 June 2019

Housing New Zealand is a statutory corporation set up under the Housing Corporation Act 1974, as amended by the Housing Corporation Amendment Act 2001. It is a Crown agency under the Crown Entities Act 2004.

Our Minister

As the Minister of Housing and Urban Development, the Hon Phil Twyford is responsible for Housing New Zealand.

As the Minister, he conveys the Government's expectations to Housing New Zealand and monitors our performance.

The Minister tables our Statement of Intent and Statement of Performance Expectations in Parliament. These documents outline objectives and planned work for the year, and are also used to measure our operational and financial performance.

Housing New Zealand sends the Minister our performance monitoring reports every quarter. After the end of each year, the Minister tables an Annual Report to Parliament on our performance.

The Associate Minister of Housing and Urban Development is the Hon Jenny Salesa. She is also the Minister for Building and Construction. 


The Board is Housing New Zealand’s link with the Government. The Board's responsibilities include setting strategic direction, appointing the Chief Executive, monitoring performance and ensuring compliance with the law.

The Board is made up of non-executive members, who are appointed for up to three years with the possibility of further reappointment.

The Board members are:

  • Vui Mark Gosche (Chair)
  • Adrienne Young-Cooper (Deputy Chair)
  • John Duncan
  • Michael Schur
  • Mark Ratcliffe
  • Huhana Hickey
  • Leigh Auton
  • Philippa Howden-Chapman


Our Chief Executive, Andrew McKenzie, is supported by the executive team:

  • Greg Groufsky – Deputy Chief Executive
  • Paul Commons – Chief Operating Officer
  • Matthew Needham – Chief Financial Officer
  • Patrick Dougherty – General Manager Construction Group
  • Caroline Butterworth – General Manager Communications and Stakeholders
  • Rowan Macrae – General Manager People Technology and Change
  • Andrew Booker – General Manager Business Innovation and Development
  • Gareth Stiven – General Manager Strategy
  • Megan McKay – Principal Advisor to the Chief Executive
  • Sarah Butler – Principal Advisor to the Chief Executive
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