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Published: 29 November 2018

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Housing New Zealand is the largest residential property owner in the country, owning or managing around 63,000 properties that house more than 184,000 New Zealanders.

Housing and Urban Development Authority Announcement

On 24 November 2018, Hon Phil Twyford (The Minister Responsible for Housing and Urban Development) made an announcement related to the future of Housing New Zealand (HNZ).

HNZ will be included, along with it’s subsidiary HLC, in a new entity: the Housing and Urban Development Authority (HUDA). The KiwiBuild unit will also join HNZ and HLC in being part of HUDA, which is expected to be operational by late 2019.

The Housing and Urban Development Authority will use the combined assets, resources and expertise of HLC, the Kiwibuild Unit and HNZ to drive urban development and home building programmes for new state, affordable and market housing.

This new entity is about planning for and managing growth, joining capabilities and optimising joint efforts to build better cities, towns and regions for New Zealanders.

The Minister is expected to report back to Cabinet in April 2019 with a detailed transition plan - before, during and after the three organisations transition to the new entity, the same levels of assurance, probity and strict business and fiscal disciplines will be in place.

HNZL – the relevant legal entity as it relates to issuing Medium Term Notes to the market - will either continue as a subsidiary of the body in the same role it currently fills or, if it is part of a reconstruction or amalgamation, the new entity will assume all the obligations of HNZL in respect of the issued Notes.

Read Housing New Zealand’s media release for more information

Borrowing from debt capital markets

Housing New Zealand’s Borrowing Protocol includes a limit on borrowing from sources other than the Crown.

Our housing portfolio has lumpy renewal periods – over 75 percent of our homes are reaching the end of their lives and need to be renewed over the next twenty years (2,250 per annum), with the remaining 25 percent being renewed over the following fifty years (300 per annum).

Our stewardship responsibility is to ensure our asset management plans are delivered on, including renewing and building modern, warm and dry homes which enhances our building stock.

Government entities with long-lived assets seeking financing from debt capital markets is not new in the New Zealand context – Housing New Zealand has undertaken such activity in the past and Transpower (the State Owned Enterprise which owns and operates the National Grid) is an active borrower in debt capital markets.

Accessing finance outside of the Crown provides the flexibility and appropriate level of control required for our stewardship responsibilities. In addition, the ability to access long-term financing independently allows us to enter into long-term supplier arrangements, providing the certainty for firms to invest for the future, employ more people and lower the cost of building homes.

Budget 2018 update

As a result of Budget 2018 decisions, the Minister of Finance and the Minister responsible for Housing New Zealand have increased the limit on Housing New Zealand’s Borrowing Protocol from $1.08 billion to $3.05 billion.*

The increased limit reflects the Government’s plan to increase the stock of public housing by 6,400 homes over the four years to June 2022.

Housing New Zealand plans to issue around $1 billion of debt, prior to 30 June 2019, via its New Zealand Dollar Medium Term Note Programme.

* Note, the new $3.05 billion limit includes $2.9 billion of term debt required to meet the Government’s public housing plans over the next four years, in addition to $150 million of commercial paper to manage working capital requirements.

Credit rating

S&P Global Ratings (S&P) first rated Housing New Zealand in 1996. Credit ratings are assigned to both Housing New Zealand Limited (HNZL) and Housing New Zealand Corporation (HNZC). HNZL (the issuer) is 100% owned by HNZC.

The ratings are equalised with the New Zealand Government, reflecting S&P’s view that there is an ‘almost certain’ likelihood that the New Zealand government would provide timely and sufficient extraordinary support to HNZC in the event of financial distress.

HNZC and HNZL credit ratings – latest update 28 November 2018

Rating type Rating Outlook
Local currency LT AA+ Stable
Local currency ST A-1+  
Foreign currency LT AA Stable
Foreign currency ST A-1+  

Full S&P ratings reports:

A credit rating is not a recommendation to buy, sell or hold any securities and may be subject to suspension, change or withdrawal at any time by the assigning rating agency.


Medium to long term

HNZL has established a programme for the issuance of unsubordinated, unsecured medium term notes.

Short term

HNZL has a programme in place for the issuance of Commercial Paper, which has a term of less than one year. The programme has a limit of NZD 500 million.

CP Deed Poll [PDF, 287 KB]



Amount on issue

Issue date

12 June 2023 2.97% $300m 12 June 2018
12 June 2025 3.36% $250m 12 June 2018
18 October 2028 3.42% $250m 18 October 2018

Term sheets:

1 June 2018 - 2023 and 2025 maturities [PDF, 631 KB]

12 October 2018 - 2023 and 2028 maturities [PDF, 703 KB]

Further enquiries

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