Addressing housing demand

Published: 8 February 2017

Addressing housing demand

We are primarily responsible for housing some of the country’s most vulnerable citizens while they are in need.


Managing state housing is challenging. Housing need is dynamic, so we need to be agile in addressing this change. We are demonstrating this agility through our redevelopment work.

Over the next ten years we will work to realign our portfolio to match current and future demand, by building, acquiring, reconfiguring or retrofitting our properties to make sure we have enough of the right kinds of homes, in the right places, to meet demand.

Simply adding more properties to areas that are already dense with state housing, or to areas that are unable to support further population, can create serious problems within the community. In our experience, diverse neighbourhoods with a balance of state and private housing create the healthiest communities.

In the 2015/16 financial year we:

  • Housed more new families this year – up from 7,144 to 7,384
  • Invested a record amount ($496 million) into improving the quality of our homes
  • Achieved a 93 percent satisfaction rate with our Customer Services Centre
  • Delivered 871 replacement and new homes in areas of high demand such as Auckland and Christchurch, against a target of 845
  • Completed our programme of repairing damaged homes in Christchurch (5000) and built up to 700 new homes


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