• Asbestos and lead-based paint brochure image
    1 August 2012

    Asbestos Brochure

    The use of asbestos and lead-based paint in houses has been banned in New Zealand for many years but many older homes, including some Housing New Zealand Corporation houses, contain asbestos and/or have been painted with lead-based paint.

    From time to time, Housing New Zealand contractors may need to do repairs on our properties, such as replacing asbestos cement roofing, wall cladding, or vinyl which may contain asbestos.

  • clean and green
    1 October 2015

    Cheap, Green and Clean

    You don’t always have to buy expensive cleaning products for general household cleaning. You may already have some very good cleaning products in your kitchen cupboards. If you’ve got salt, baking soda, vinegar and lemons then this booklet will give you some ideas on how to use them for basic cleaning tasks.

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