Daventry street And Torea place

Published: 22 November 2016

Daventry street And Torea place

60 Daventry Street, 1-14 Torea Place and 16 & 18 Torea Place, Waterview

Seventeen brand new homes occupy a site that previously held just three, 1940s brick duplexes.


On a 3,500 square metre site 17 two, three and four-bedroom homes have replaced just three old 1940s brick duplexes. Architecturally designed and built to modern standards, the new homes feature double-glazing, insulation, thermal quality curtains and carpet and are positioned to make the most of the sun; all factors which make them more comfortable and economical places to live. The three and four-bedroom homes also feature an internal-access garage, while the other homes have a dedicated parking space. At this site, solar-powered street lighting is also being trialled to illuminate the laneway into the development.


Daventry street And Torea place

Aerial view of site utilisation.


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