Auckland Housing Programme large scale projects

Render showing Cadness Street housesOver the next 10 years we'll be leading development projects in a number of Auckland suburbs. They'll range in scope from a neighbourhood block or two through to large scale developments involving a thousand or more new homes. As new projects are announced we will add them to this website. The larger projects have their own websites where the community can go to for more detailed information.


The keenly awaited Northcote development is underway.

Northcote is a diverse and vibrant community. The area is close to the central city and has five schools and numerous parks and reserves.

The Northcote Development, the first Auckland Housing Programme project to kick off, has already started. The masterplan includes 400 new Housing New Zealand homes (replacing 378 existing units) and 800 additional new market and affordable homes. As well as much needed new, warm, healthy homes, Northcote residents will see better transport links to the North Shore and central city, improved infrastructure and new and rejuvenated public spaces.

The local community has been waiting for this development for some time and is looking forward to seeing it come to life. Highlights include renewal work in the town centre and a 'greenway' park. The greenway will link Lake Road to the town centre, giving residents a pedestrian and cycle-friendly path through the neighbourhood.

The development project is expected to take six years and is being managed by HLC, applying expertise gained from Hobsonville Point.

Housing New Zealand tenants are being re-housed with the support of the tenancy liaison team.

Find out more about what's happening on the Northcote Development(external link) website.


Avondale is next out of the starting gate.

Like Northcote, Avondale is close to the city centre and has good public transport links. It also has excellent access to local amenities and schools. This makes the area an ideal location for more homes. The existing Housing New Zealand homes on Racecourse Parade are in need of improvement. Removing the homes gives us the opportunity to start afresh, using the land more efficiently and increasing the amount and variety of social housing available.

The current housing at 10 Racecourse Parade is made up of 42 terraced units. These homes will be removed and while design work is still under way they will likely be replaced with over 200 new apartments. At least 70 of these apartments will be retained by Housing New Zealand and the remainder will be market housing or affordable homes.

Mt Roskill

New homes at the foot of Puketapapa.

Mt Roskill is one of Auckland's most diverse communities. The area has been chosen for investment because the community has excellent access to local services, schools and amenity. There are a number of parks, reserves and sports grounds in the area, including Keith Hay Park and Winstone Park on Puketapapa (Mt Roskill). The area is only 7km from the central city and has easy access to the CBD via public transport, including a frequent bus service along Dominion Road.

Work has begun on a new project in the Roskill South neighbourhood to replace over 250 Housing New Zealand houses with new warm, dry, healthy homes. By using the land more efficiently than we did back in the 1950s and 60s when the original homes were built, we will be able to increase the number of social housing units available and deliver much-needed new homes for the Auckland housing market.

Find out more about what's happening on the Mt Roskill development(external link) website.


HLC is getting to work on one of its larger development programmes, in the Auckland suburb of Mangere, to renew state housing and boost housing supply across the city.

The organisation has begun talking with communities in Mangere about longer term growth and development plans in tandem with getting underway on urgent state housing development for Housing New Zealand on sites where existing state houses are old and in need of replacement.

It is a significant development for Auckland, aiming to provide around 2,700 new state houses as well as 2,200 affordable homes and 2,200 new market homes over the next ten to fifteen years.

As well as providing new homes for Mangere, the scale of development offers opportunities for employment and training for the community.

Small and medium projects

Housing New Zealand has around 60 small to mid-sized redevelopment projects underway across Auckland. These are replacing old houses that are no longer fit for purpose with warm, dry and safe new homes that make the most efficient use of our land holdings.

View the redevelopments by suburb

Builders and developers wanted

Housing New Zealand plans to build thousands of new homes in the Auckland region over the next few years.

Find more information about how you can get your company involved(external link).

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