Northern Glen Innes redevelopment

The Northern Glen Innes Redevelopment Project is part of a national Housing New Zealand redevelopment programme that aims create mixed communities with better quality state houses that matches demand, and more affordable home ownership and social housing opportunities.

About the project

In northern Glen Innes, we have expensive state houses on big sections in an area close to the city and we need to use that land wisely to help address Auckland’s growing housing problems. This is a priority area for both Auckland Council and Housing New Zealand.

To achieve our goals for the area, we plan to redevelop 156 properties to create at least 260 new houses, including:

  • 78 owned by Housing New Zealand
  • at least 39 other market-based affordable houses
  • and, the remainder for private sale.

The project also involves modernising another 40 state houses in Glen Innes, and exterior upgrades to a further 276 state rental houses across Glen Innes and Panmure.

Community partnerships

Housing New Zealand has supported and welcomed the formation of the Tamaki Redevelopment Company (TRC) aimed at bringing the urban renewal of Tamaki to life. The TRC is accountable for delivering the Tamaki Transformation Programme.

We share the TRC’s vision of making Tamaki a safer, prosperous and vibrant place to live. As a partner agency, we will work closely with the TRC to contribute towards the TRC’s overarching plan while progressing the Northern Glen Innes Redevelopment Project.

Find out more about the TRC and its Tamaki Transformation Programme

Tenant liaison

At some stage, all of our tenants in the state homes earmarked for redevelopment will need to move to alternative state homes and we will assist them with that.

Tenants affected by the Northern Glen Innes project will be transferred to another state house in an area of their choice, including Glen Innes. Of the families that have moved to new houses, those that have wanted to remain living in Glen Innes have done so.

To date, we have made every effort to relocate families to locations that suit them, including being close to schools, work and community networks. Housing New Zealand has paid for reasonable relocation and reconnection costs.

We will continue meeting with all tenants to discuss their needs and options well before they are required to relocate.

Any tenants with questions or concerns can phone us on 0800 801 601 or email

For more information

To find out more about the Glen Innes Redevelopment Project, read our newsletter.

Read FAQs about the Glen Innes Redevelopment Project.

Contact us

If you have any questions about the Glen Innes Redevelopment Project, you can phone Jane Bennett on (09) 261 5086 or email